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Support Team Mar 14 11 Announcements

Hello Campus Partners!

We wanted to provide a quick update on some recent development updates in the OrgSync app. We are particularly excited about these updates because they are direct results of client requests. They also impact three of our most widely used modules: forms, events, and people.

Thanks to everyone that contributed and played a role in the deployment of these features. For more information on the changes that have been made, see below. 

Browse form submissions by question responses

Often times, who submitted a form is not the most identifying piece of information you may need when browsing submissions on the dashboard. You may want to, instead, browse by a response to a question on the form. This can help you to quickly browse for submissions with particular answers. It can also help quickly review, by user, who answered what on a given question.

By popular request, you can now browse form submissions not only by the submitter’s name, but also by responses to a selected question on the form. This feature is available atop the form dashboard’s submission list.00002239.pngSelect the question you would like to view responses to and the page will switch to a wide format view of your selection. You can utilize this feature with any of the questions present on your form.

Resend event invitations

Another oft-heard request is the ability to resend event invitations to users in order to remind them of an upcoming event. We’re happy to announce this feature is now live as well.

After you send an invitation to an event, that invitation becomes accessible to admins through the RSVP pop-up.  Prior to this update, you could only view and remove invitations. Now, you have the added ability to re-send them.00002238.pngNote: event invitations can only be sent once every three days. This was put in place to prevent abuse of the feature. If the three-day period has not passed for a particular invitation, a help icon will appear in place of the reinvite button. 

Export group rosters

Last but not least, we added the ability for portal admins to export individual group rosters. This makes pulling group information a much easier process. You no longer have to export the entire portal roster into Microsoft Excel and then isolate the users of a particular group.  00002237.pngYou can access this export if you visit the People module, select the All People dropdown, and choose a group. The export option resides on the right side of this page.

If you have any questions about the updates discussed in this article, please contact your Campus Consultant or the OrgSync support staff.


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