Managing Incoming Position Requests

Each umbrella has the ability to set up individual unique position request processes. This article will help teach you how to manage and navigate through those processes. In addition, this article will also help explain how to manage position requests as well as how to approve/deny a request. To adjust the settings of your position request process, click here for more information.

When a student submits a position request it filters into your administrative position request list. To access this list, click the Admin dropdown in the top right of the page, select your umbrella, hover over Requests and select Positions.

 Pending Position Requests

For all incoming position requests, you're provided the submission timestamp, the organization it was submitted on behalf of, the title of the position, who submitted the request, and the current status. If a request is listed as "incomplete," it means you're still waiting on the candidate to complete their part of the process (i.e. complete forms and submit). All pending requests can be decided. 

After you have decided to approve/deny a position request, it will filter into the Decided Positions Requests tab. This is where all of your previously decided requests are stored.


This is where umbrella admins, portal admins, and reviewers can discuss the position request. This conversation also has a time stamp when the various actions are taken within the request. Along the right side of this conversation you are able to see the Request Status box. This is where you will approve, deny or reopen the position for changes once you have reviewed all of the information.

If at any point you need to make changes to the details of the position, click Re-Open for Changes on the right side of the page. Make your desired changes then click Close Changes. The request cannot be decided if it's open for changes. 

Underneath the status box you will see everyone involved in the position request. These are the people that will receive notifications when an update is made to the request. You can also use the reviewer tools to add new reviewers, edit existing ones, etc.

Position Details

Selecting the Position Details tab along the top of the position request is where you will find the basic details of the position. You will see the title of the position requested, the organizations name, who submitted the request, as well as the time period of the position in which they are requesting will take place.

Position Forms

Select the Position Forms tab along the top of the position request to find the user's position request form submissions (if applicable). If a form was completed, it will be listed here. As an umbrella administrator, you have the ability to view and/or edit the user's responses from this page. 


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