Manage Incoming Event Requests

Each umbrella has the ability to set up individual unique event request processes. This article will help teach you how to manage and navigate through those processes. In addition, this article will also help explain how to manage event request reviewers, and how to approve/deny events. To adjust the settings of your event request process, click here for more information.

When a student submits an event request for their organization you can view these requests by going to your umbrella admin tools, selecting the Admin drop down and your specific umbrella. Once you are within your umbrella admin tools, select Requests and Events. This is where all of your pending event requests, decided event requests and the event request forms will be.

Pending Event Requests

When a student submits an event request within an organization under your umbrella, this is the first place it will show up. You are able to see the date the event was submitted, the name of the event, the organization that will hold the event, as well as the user who submitted the request. In addition, you are also able to see how many reviewers were added to the event request and how many of them have been approved or denied. The last piece of information on the request list are the approval status icons. There are four different symbols you might see under the approvals section listed below.

Shared on the Activities Board Calendar of Events
Shared on the Umbrella-wide Calendar of Events
Shared on the Community-wide Calendar of Events
Space was requested for event through Room Res system

Decided Event Requests

After you have decided to approve/deny an event request, it will filter into the Decided Event Requests tab. This is where all of your previously decided requests will be stored as well. The decided event requests page is designed exactly like the pending requests tab's style.


This is where umbrella administrators, reviewers, and the portal administrators can discuss back and forth about the event request. The conversation also has a time stamp when various actions are taken within the request. Along the right side of this conversation you are able to see everyone involved in the event request, along with the status of their review. Below this list are the reviewer tools, these tools allow you to add reviewers, re-order the existing reviewers you have set, as well as remove them.

Event Details

Selecting the Event Details tab along the top of the event request is where you will find the basic details of the event, for instance, when, where, and who the event is targeting. This page is essentially a "preview" of what the event will look like to students once the event has been approved. Within this page is also where you can change the approval status of an event. You have the option of changing the status to approved, pending or denied.

Event Request Form

Select the Event Request Form tab along the top of the event request to find the user's event request form submissions (if applicable). As an umbrella administrator you have the ability to edit the user's responses from this page. For example, changing a spelling error, where the event will be held, address change, etc.

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