Best Practices: Designing Community Home

As a Community admin, one of your responsibilities is designing what your Community home page looks like for your users. Since Community home is the first page your users will see when they log in to OrgSync, it’s important to keep the page engaging and relevant!

When designing your Community home, consider some of these best practices:

Color Best Practice
Green Make content on Community home relevant to the right users. As a community admin, you select which featured portals, bookmarks, feed content, and events appear on the Community home page. You can manage these settings by going to your Community Admin Tools, then to Settings, where you will land on Community home. You can specifically select which of your users see which pieces of content based on their Classifications. You want your users to land on community home and immediately feel connected, so selecting relevant content is crucial for engaging your users with your Community home page!
Blue Highlight your most important content using Promotions. Catch the attention of your users by promoting important news, polls, events, and forms to your Community home page. You can select which content appears, how long it will appear for, as well as upload a photo that represents the content. When creating Promotions, keep titles and descriptions to the point and choose relevant header photos.You can even customize who sees which Promotions based on which Umbrellas users are a part of! Keeping Promotions up-to-date gives your users a reason to return to OrgSync often to stay in the loop. 
Red Select visually engaging profile and cover photos. Finally, don’t forget to brand your Community home by changing the profile and cover photos. Manage these photos by going to your Community Admin Tools and then to Settings. When selecting your photos, choose photos that represent your institution, align with your university's marketing, and contribute to the overall brand of your OrgSync community. These small, easy additions go a long way in bringing life and personality to your Community home page!


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