Add an Umbrella Administrator

Community and umbrella administrators have the ability to make any user an admin of an umbrella they oversee or manage.

For Current Umbrella Administrators

First, navigate to the umbrella for which you would like to add an umbrella administrator. Click on the People tool. If the user you wish to make an administrator is not already a part of the Umbrella portal, click on Invite People to send them an invitation.

 In the People tool, click on the user who you wish to make an umbrella administrator. When the user’s details appear, click the Manage button under the user’s basic details next to their People groups. This will generate a pop-up that lists the existing People groups within the umbrella. Select the Administrators group to give the user administrative access over the umbrella.

For Current Community Administrators

If you are a community administrator, you can add an administrator to any umbrella by accessing your Community Administrative Tools. You can do this by clicking on the Admin button in your Global Navigation Toolbar and clicking on your Community icon. Once in your admin tools, navigate to the Organizations tab and search for the umbrella for which you want to add an administrator. 

Then, click on the arrows next to the umbrella’s name to expand its details. From there, select Add Users. Enter the email address of the user(s) you would like to add to the Umbrella portal and assign them to the Administrators group. If the user has an OrgSync account, they will be automatically added as an umbrella administrator. If they do not already have an OrgSync account, they will be invited to create one and will be added as an umbrella administrator upon account creation.

If you are a new umbrella administrator looking to jumpstart your knowledge of OrgSync, check out our ongoing New Umbrella Admin Training Series!


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