Community Administrator Overview

Welcome to your new role as a community administrator! As a community admin, you have the highest level of access within your OrgSync community. To get started, you need to know how to access and utilize your community administrative tools. These tools allow you to manage all of the users and organizations in your community, export reports, manage the content on your community home, and oversee your community’s involvement. Community admins are also able to see and manage sensitive information about each user in the community.

To access your community admin tools, click on the Admin button in your Global Navigation Toolbar. If you currently do not have community admin access, contact your Campus Consultant. Community admins can only be added or removed by OrgSync staff. 

Dashboard: When you click on your community icon, you will land on your Community Dashboard. The Community Dashboard gives you a zoomed-out view of everything going on within your community, including organization and user stats, classifications, and your community structure. 

Users: The Users tab allows you to manage all of the users within your entire community. At first glance, you will see the join date and last login date of each user. Expanding the arrows next to a user’s name will open their details, allowing you to view and export information on each user. The Users tab is also where you can download your user import template, customize your community’s Custom User Profile, and manage Classifications.

Organizations: The Organizations tab allows community admins to manage all of the umbrellas and organization portals in your community. Clicking on the expand arrows next to each organization allows you to view portal details, message or add users to the portal, and export portal specific information.

Reports: The reports tab provides reporting and assessment tools for your community, including  , organization statistics, and user statistics. Reports from your community admin tools can include data about all of the users and organizations in your community.

Involvement Requests: As a community admin, you are responsible for approving involvement requests that are not tied to an organization portal. These requests can be accessed from the Involvement Requests tab or from the Dashboard. From this tab, you can approve or deny your users’ activity, membership, and transcript requests.

Promotions: Promotions allow community administrators to post forms, news posts, events, and polls to the community home page. Under the Promotions tab, you can view and manage your current and past promotions. 

Settings: Under Settings, you have the ability to manage various aspects of your community, including the appearance of community home, involvement settings, and additional integrations such as Card Swipe and Room Reservation.

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