Fill a Position in an Organization

There are two ways to add a user to a position in a portal: through an org registration/renewal or by filling the position separately in the Positions tool.

Filling a Position through Org Registration or Renewal

To fill a position through a registration or renewal, first start the registration process as normal. If you are unsure of how to start the registration process, read this article. After completing the Basic Organization Information page, the next page you should see will be the Positions page.

To add a person to a position, click the spot below the title of the position that says "+ Add". For example, for the Secretary position, click the +Add Secretary text. This will allow you to type in the name or email of the user to add to the position. If you do not see the person you’re looking for, double check that the user has created an account. Next select a start date and end date (optional) for the position. To add additional users to the same position, simply click the "+ Add" text again. 

Note that any position with an orange REQUIRED next to the title must have at least one participant to continue to the next page. Once you're finished with your changes, click continue to proceed with the rest of the registration. Some positions may require users holding the position to complete forms before the request can be approved by a campus administrator. The user will recieve a notification to complete the forms, and they can also be access by going to your user drawer in the upper right, going to Activity, then clicking on Position Requests.

Filling a Position through the Positions Tool 

 To fill a position, navigate to your portal’s homepage. At the bottom of the Current Positions panel, click the See All  to get to the Positions page. Next, select Fill a Position in the top right of the page. If you do not see this button, then you do not have admin access for your organization. In this case, you will need to contact an existing admin or your campus admins in order to request an admin promotion.

Filling a position request is relatively straight forward: you need to specify the position, who holds the position, the term start date and the term end date (optional). If you do not see the person you’re looking for, double check that the user has an account.

When you’re ready to submit your position request, click the Fill Position button at the bottom of the page. If there are any forms associated with that position, the selected member will get a notification to complete them before the position can be approved by your campus administrators.

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