Positions Overview

The Positions tool is a built-in feature that allows you to track, approve, and report on positions in an organization. Positions represent roles like President, Vice-President, Captain, Social Chair, and even Advisor. They are defined and managed by umbrella administrators at the umbrella level.

Positions is currently in beta and has been partially deployed to allow umbrella administrators to define their positions and rules in advance of the full release. Continue for a breakdown of what’s currently available and what’s yet to come.

Released in Beta

  • Positions Setup: Umbrella admins define what positions should be tracked within their umbrella and if those should be required at the time of registration and renewal. The person set to fill the position may be required to fill out forms, such as agreements and waivers, as defined by the umbrella admin. Click here for a walkthrough of the positions settings.

Coming Soon

  • Integration with your current processes: Positions are integrated into org registration and renewal, but changes to positions can also be requested throughout the year without kicking off the whole registration/renewal process. Students registering organizations or renewing/updating portal profiles see these positions as a part of that process.
  • Request Process: While Positions is integrated into org registration, they are also their own type of request. Position requests include the Conversation view (currently featured in event requests), the ability to see the forms completed by the user, reviewers, and a powerful way to customize the process which we’ll detail below.
  • Reporting: Reporting on position data is accomplished through Data Browser, where you can browse and export both current and historical position data. The key data points are the user, the portal, which position, and the timeframe that position was held.

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