Position Settings Walkthrough

The Positions tool is a built-in feature that allows you to track, approve, and report on positions in an organization. This feature is managed at the umbrella level by umbrella administrators. Access this feature by selecting the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, choose your umbrella, hover over Requests, then select Positions. Next, select the Settings tab from the left-hand toolbar. The settings are divided into six tabs that are described in detail below.


This is where you’ll define the positions that you want to report on and track over time. 

Click Create Position to define a new position. You must enter a name (i.e. President, Social Chair) and determine if the position should be publicly visible. If you do not choose to make the position public, only umbrella and portal administrators can see the position and who holds it. In addition to these required fields, you have some settings to choose from that are specific to the position. See below for a description of these settings.

Setting Description
Add participant to portal admin group Determine if users that hold this position should be added as an administrator of the portal when the position request is approved.
Require during organization registration Determine if the position should be required during organization registration. If not, portal administrators will see the option to complete the position but it will be an optional field.


Creating a position will add it to the list of “current” positions. The list makes it clear which positions are required and which are considered "administrative," meaning the user in the position will be added as an admin of their portal. If you are no longer using a position, hover over the wrench icon on the right side of the list and select Archive. This will deactivate the position and move it to the Archived tab.

The last feature on this page is the ability to re-order positions. Click and drag a position to the spot you desire. This will affect how you and your organizations view the list of positions-- the priority of the positions set here will change the order of how they are displayed in the portal.


For some or all of the positions you've created, you may need the people holding these positions to complete additional information or requirements. The Forms tab is where you need to create the forms that ask for this extra information. The logic used to tie a form to a position is found in the next section.

To begin, click Create a Form. Use the form builder to set up the questions you’d like to ask of each position. Click here if you have any information about form building. When you’re happy with the form you’ve created, click Save & Exit in the top right of the page. At any point, you can edit an existing form if you hover over the wrench icon on the right side of the page and select Edit.

Forms Conditions

Forms conditions allow you to establish the connection between positions and forms. Note: you must create the forms under the Forms tab within your Positions settings before you set up any logic. If you’ve already created the forms, select Activate a form. Choose the form that you’d like to apply logic to and determine which position needs to complete the form. By default, All Positions are selected but you can deselect the checkbox to select specific positions.

If you deselect All Positions, you’ll need to identify which positions need to complete the form. You’ll see two drop-downs that allow you to set up this logic.

  • One option is to require the form for all admin positions. In this case, if the position has the Admin tag under the Positions tab, they would be required to complete the form.
  • The other option is to select Position from the first dropdown then select the specific position from the second dropdown. You can require the form for multiple positions if you click Add OR Condition then set up similar logic for the next position that needs to complete the form.

You can also require a position to complete multiple forms. Click Activate a form to set up logic for a different form.


Reviewers help you make the decision if a position request should be approved or not. Reviewers will be able to see the entire position request, including the forms submitted by the position candidate, and they will be able to converse with you in the conversation view if they have any issues or questions. Before you begin adding reviewers, take a look at the reviewer settings that are explained below.

Setting Description
Start review automatically Automatically begin the review process once the participant has finished submitting his or her forms. If you do not select this option, an umbrella administrator will need to visit each request and manually start the review process.
Order reviewers Notify one reviewer at a time once the previous reviewer has completed the review.
Halt review on denial This setting only appears if you’ve enabled ordered reviewers. This setting halts the review process if a reviewer denies the request.
Auto approve position when all reviewers approve Once all the reviewers have approved, set the pending request status to approved. This is a good option if you intend on approving all requests where all of the reviewers have approved.


After you define these settings, begin adding reviewers. When you click Add Reviewer, you’re provided a text box that allows you to search for users in your community by name or email address. The user must have an OrgSync account to be added as a position reviewer. Note: this account search feature updates once daily. If you have a reviewer that just created an account, they will not be searchable until the next day.

When you locate and add a reviewer, determine if they should review all positions or specific ones. If you choose the latter, deselect All Positions then set up the logic for the positions they should approve. Repeat this process for each reviewer involved in the position request process. If you need to re-order the reviewers, click and drag the cursor to the left of a reviewer to adjust their position on the list.

Final Approval Policy

You have a few options when it comes to approval. You can allow your reviewers to make the decision by enabling Auto approve positions (a setting found under the Reviewers tab), you can trust that student-reported positions are correct, or you can require final approval by you or another umbrella admin.

First, decide which positions will require approval. The default selection is “all” but you can switch this to “certain positions” and you’ll see the same logic appear that you’ve seen in other sections. Determine the specific positions that will require your approval and save your settings.

Custom Messages

Create customized messages to send to each student after a request for a position has been acted upon.

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