RSS Feed Details

The RSS Feed is one way to get data about events out of OrgSync and into other systems.

RSS is not the best system to deliver events, which is why we have our Events API and a myriad of choices for exporting events in your portals and communities. However, sometimes you just have to use RSS, maybe you are powering a digital display or just sharing data to other systems -- and in that case, the docs below are for you.

Good to know:

The RSS feed does not return every event from your selected calendar. It will return events that were less than 1 week in the past, up to six months in the future. There is also a limit of  512 total events that can exist in the feed. These limits have been set in place to deal with the restrictions of commonly used calendaring tools like Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. 

You can apply filters to an RSS feed by modifying the filters on the calendar in your portal, and then using the subscribe dropdown to access the RSS feed url. 


Breaking down the feed pieces:

Here's a sample result for a single event:

Now let's breakdown the <item>

<link> and <guid> are both the same value (some feed readers need one or the other so we give both). They are a link to the event on OrgSync and double as a globally unique identifier.

<atom:updated> is the last time the event was updated

<atom:published> is the initial time the event was created

<title> the name of the event

<description> the description entered for the event, with html tags stripped out

<event:startdate> the event start date and time

<event:enddate> the event end date and time

<event:location> the string address of the event 

<event:organizer> the name of the portal that created the event

<event:type> the category specified for the event

<media:content> the event's uploaded image (if there is one)



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