Customize Learning Outcomes

Data generated from learning outcomes can be a great way to demonstrate learning and impact. Rather than using anecdotes to assert what you do matters, use data to make an impact for marketing, recruitment, funding, and legitimacy. This starts by defining and customizing the learning outcomes that you would like to use throughout your community. To access the learning outcomes in OrgSync, select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, select your community, choose Involvement Requests, select Settings from the left-hand toolbar, then choose Learning Outcomes.


OrgSync provides you with a list of pre-set learning outcomes. You can customize the learning outcomes for your community by removing any of the pre-set outcomes or by adding to them. To do so, simply type in the name of your new learning outcome(s) and click Create. As students review their involvement and identify learning outcomes, they will be provided this customized list of learning outcomes to choose from.

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