Generate Excel Graphs from OrgSync Data

Often times the data made available through OrgSync is best represented with the use of charts and graphs. While there are several charts and graphs throughout the OrgSync platform but these items are not exportable. To create your own custom graphs and charts, begin by exporting the relevant data (i.e. form submissions, involvement data) into an excel spreadsheet. If you're working with forms then you can find this option under the Export dropdown on the forms dashboard.

Most of the other reports you'll want to export are found under the umbrella and community dashboards. Locate these pages by selecting the Admin dropdown in the top right of the page (only visible to umbrella & community admins), choose an umbrella or your community, then select the Reports tab.

After you open the spreadsheet, highlight the data relevant to your graph. Next, locate the Charts tool. Typically, there is a Charts tab along the primary Excel ribbon but it may look different depending on the version of Excel that you're using. Next, choose the type of graph you want to create and follow the instructions provided by Excel. 

For instructions on creating specific types of charts and graphs, we suggest doing a quick internet search for a tutorial for your version of Excel. There are countless tutorials for graphing in each version of Excel, such as this website, which walks you through creating every type of chart or graph available.

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