Portal Overview

The portal home is the landing page for an organization. You want this page to be eye-catching & information so you organization stands out! Read below for a breakdown of the different pieces of a portal homepage. 

Color Name Description
Orange Cover Photo The cover photo allows you to upload a banner image. The image must be in jpg, png, or gif format with a recommended size of 2000 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall and can be changed under Organization Settings if you are a portal administrator.
Yellow Profile Picture The portal profile image will appear next to your organization’s name on the portal home and in the list of organizations under Browse Organizations.
Blue Toolbar All of the tools enabled in your portal will be listed here. If you are looking for a specific tool that does not appear, check your Permissions under Organization Settings to make sure you have the tool turned on. Click here for more information about missing tools. 
Red Welcome Message The Welcome Message is a great place to describe what your organization is all about, add a picture of your organization members, or tell prospective members how to get involved. The Welcome Message can be edited by clicking the Edit Welcome Message button or if you jump into your organization settings.
Green Smart Panels Smart panels automatically display content based on how actively it's being used in your portal. Note: not all tools in your portal will appear as a smart panel.
Purple Portal Information The portal information section is a subset of your organization's profile. Your campus determines which fields display here. You can edit these fields if you go into your organization settings. After you submit an update your org's profile, you'll likely have to wait for your campus admins to approve it.


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