Umbrella Administrator Overview

Congrats on becoming an umbrella administrator! One of the first things you need to know about being an umbrella administrator is how to use the umbrella admin tools. The umbrella admin tools allow you to manage, communicate, and export information on the users and organizations under your umbrella. Many processes are controlled at the umbrella level such as the organization registration process and event request process. This is one of the benefits of having multiple umbrellas so that each umbrella can have it’s own processes as it relates to the division/department and different umbrella admins to manage those processes.

To access your umbrella admin tools, click on the Admin dropdown along the top toolbar. If you are an admin of multiple umbrellas, you will see each umbrella for which you are an administrator. If you currently do not have umbrella admin access, you will need to contact a current umbrella administrator or your Campus Consultant.

Umbrella Dashboard

Once you've selected an umbrella it will display the umbrella dashboard. Here you can view helpful information about your umbrella and all of the organization portals that fall underneath it. From helpful stats and charts to the layout of your entire OrgSync community, the dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of what’s going on with your umbrella.

Umbrella Tools


The users tab allows you to manage all of the users that are in organization portals that your umbrella oversees as well as your actual umbrella portal. Along with viewing user specific dates, you can utilize the expand arrows to view additional information and exports or easily contact the user. Click here for more information about managing users in an umbrella.


Similar to the Users tool mentioned above, the Organizations tab allows umbrella admins to manage all of the organization portals under the umbrella. Easily view an organization’s renewal status, message admins of a portal, or even export portal specific information by clicking the expand arrows next to each portal’s image.

On the left side of the page, you're provided an addition set of tools that are described in detail below.

Tool Description/Purpose
Organizations Manage, communicate with, and export portal specific information from all of the organizations under your umbrella. Click here for more information about managing organizations in an umbrella.
Categories Create and manage all of the categories that organization portals under your umbrella can use to define their organization. Click here for more information about category management.
Registration Options Manage the registration process for organization portals and customize the organization registration form. Click here for more information about setting up the org registration form in your umbrella.
Messaging Easily message specific groups within portals or categories of organizations based on their organization profile status.
Portal Defaults Create a template that new organization portals will replicate. There are a limited amount of changes to tools/settings that will be replicated. Click here for more information about the default portal.



OrgSync provides reporting and assessment tools for all levels of your campus community but accessing Reports from your umbrella admin tools will be specific to the users and organizations that falls underneath your umbrella. Almost any piece of information in OrgSync can be exported into Excel, and we also provide a variety of graphical dashboards to view important statistics on your umbrella and organization portals. Click here for more information about the Reports tab.

**Note: Most information found under reports is now available in the Data Browser.


One of the biggest responsibilities of umbrella admins is to manage requests submitted by users of organization portals under the umbrella. All of the requests can be located here or from the umbrella dashboard. Read the following articles and explanations to learn more about each type of request.

Request System Description/Purpose
Admin When a user requests to join a portal that currently has no members, they can request approval to become an admin as they join.
Budgets For our campuses that have our Budget Management System, organization portals can create budget requests, spending requests, and payment requests. Read this article to learn more about the budget request approval process.
Events Members of organization portals can request to have their events approved to appear on the umbrella and community calendars.
Registrations There are two types of registration requests that umbrella admins approve, first time registration requests and registration renewals from pre-existing organization portals.
Involvement  Users can manually submit involvement requests from a variety of areas in OrgSync but it depends on where the user submits the request and how the submit the form to decided who approves or denies the request.



Under Settings you have the ability to turn off certain tools for all of the organization portals under the umbrella, upload large files securely to the OrgSync staff, and adjust the time zone for your umbrella and existing organizations. Click here for more information.

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