Dev Updates: Addition to the Budget Request List

We wanted to provide a quick update regarding a recent change to the Budget Management System. We now display the approved amount of each budget request on the main budget requests list. This change, a direct result of a client request, is subtle but will help any budget admin who wants to quickly locate approved amounts. It’s no longer necessary to click into each budget request or export the requests into an Excel spreadsheet to view this information.kbce8l4dgs0r0gj.pngTo make room for this new column, we removed the column that held the Review button next to each request. This Review button was duplicate functionality; you could also click the name of the request to review it. If you previously used the Review button to view the full request, click the name of the request to review it as you do on event and registration requests.

We’d love to hear any feedback you have. As always, feel free to contact your Campus Consultant or shoot our support team an email if you have any questions.

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