Development Update: Org Registration Edit Ability, Payments, UI Improvements & More

Hello Campus Partners,

We hope everyone is having a great start to the spring semester! Today, we wanted to notify you of some recent development updates. These updates affect several different parts of the app, from org registration to payments to various interface improvements. Continue reading for a breakdown of the changes.  

Ability to edit name & category on new organization requests

First and foremost, umbrella admins can now edit an organization’s long name, short name, and category on incoming new org registration requests. This makes all fields on the registration form editable for umbrella admins. Prior to this update, these fields were only editable through an umbrella or community’s organizations list. As a result, you had to approve the request before you were able to change the org name and/or category. This update may seem small but it contributes to a more efficient registration process for umbrella admins.

International Payments

The next development update is the addition of international payments for our CyberSource & users. Now, anyone that tries to make a payment through a form or invoice will have the option to select his or her country. Their selection will determine the options they are provided under the state field. This addition provides these third-party payment services the necessary data to process international payments.

UI Updates

Over the past several weeks, we’ve made interface improvements to various parts of the app. The first change we made is to the service lists. For communities with a service umbrella, users can browse service partners and upcoming service opportunities. The ‘Opportunities’ tab now has a cleaner look that is more consistent with the rest of the site.

Also, the ‘Service Partners’ tab was updated to mimic the functionality present in the ‘Browse Organizations’ feature. As you search for a service partner, the results will instantly filter with each character you type. The profile photos of each service partner are highlighted to provide a more aesthetically pleasing interface.

Another recent update we’ve made is to the organization registration requests list. Prior to this update, new registration requests and renewal requests were separated. Now, all incoming requests populate the same list. To view requests of a particular type or status, use the filters made available to you at the top of the page. Just like before, all decided requests will filter into the decided tab.

In addition, we’ve made changes to event pages, poll creation, and more. The changes may be subtle but they provide a cleaner, more intuitive interface.

If you have any questions about the updates included in this news post, please contact your Campus Consultant or our support team.

Have a good rest of the week,
Travis Lee
Customer Support Specialist

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