UI Update: Community/Umbrella Administrator Tools

Hello Campus Partners,

With winter break upon us, we'd like to take this opportunity to unwrap some administrator updates that we think you'll love! We're planning to launch these updates during the week of December 16, so you’ll have plenty of time to check everything out prior to the start of the spring semester. 

Updated toolbar

First, we’ve made a small update to the admin toolbar that could offer big benefits. The image for your umbrella will now appear along with the umbrella name in the toolbar. With a quick glance at the toolbar, you’ll be able to recognize the portal you’re administering if you often jump between umbrellas or your community admin tools. We’ve also removed the Jump to Portal search box in that toolbar, in favor of the powerful Search tool you see in the primary navigation bar.


Full-width pages

In the past, when you’ve tackled administrative tasks for your community or umbrella, you’ve always seen the portal sidebar on the left side of the page—the same experience you would have if you were browsing in a portal. But as an umbrella or community administrator, when you’re using your admin toolbar functionality, you’re performing tasks not related to the content that visitors see when they visit your portal.

To better reflect the administrative actions you are performing when you’re managing users, organizations, requests, reports and settings, those pages will now display outside the context of a portal. This change also allows the content of each page to be wider and easier to use, with no unnecessary information filling your viewing area.


Simpler administrative views

Some pages previously contained multiple sections. It was logical to break these sections into individual pages, making each task clearer and easier to accomplish. New vertical sub-navigation on these pages keeps you on the right track when you’re changing settings, approving requests or configuring modules.


More search, filter and mass action options

When we refreshed the styles of many pages, we also added functionality like search tools, mass action options, sorting and filtering, and quick views of the number of outstanding requests to some data lists. 


New community administrators page

If you have community admin privileges, you will now be able to see a list of all your community administrators and the permissions associated with each admin. You’ll find this page in your Manage Users section in the new “Community Admins” tab.


What these updates mean to you 

One of our goals is to continually improve your administrative experience. The cleaner interface and additional features should help you perform your admin tasks quicker. We hope you’ll be able to easily find the information you’re seeking, and be able to focus clearly on your tasks when unrelated information no longer clutters your admin pages.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your Campus Consultant or the OrgSync support team.

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    Casey Hayden

    Thanks so much for always making things better.  This has some nice tweaks that will be handy.  But I do have one major concern with the removal of the "Jump to Portal" search box.  I use that search box daily for the simple reason that the other search box doesn't pull me into an org's portal as an admin over that portal when I arrive.  But if I use the Jump to Portal box, I always get to the particular portal as an admin over that portal, which really speeds up my hunt for whatever info I'm trying to get from that portal, usually viewing their profile, roster, unaddressed join requests, changing permissions, etc.

  • Avatar
    Casey Hayden

    I should have added: 

    If you can make the one, main global search tool drop me into a portal as an admin like the current Jump to Portal box does, then I'd have no more use for it, and would enjoy just having the one search option.  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Matthew P Tarantino

    Casey, I totally agree. Using the "Jump to Portal" search is so much easier than clicking "Organizations" and finding the portal that way.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Wade

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for your quick feedback! We will adjust the global search box to drop you into the portal as an admin before these changes are released. We hope you enjoy them!

  • Avatar
    Casey Hayden

    Thanks, Kevin!  That is great to hear.  OrgSync staff = as amazing as usual

  • Avatar
    Anna Kessenich

    Thank you Casey for being on top of that one!  It was the first concern that came to my mind as well.  


    Kevin, thank you for your followup.  I look forward to seeing how these new changes benefit our work!

  • Avatar
    Kevin Wade

    The global search update is now live. You can begin using it to drop into a portal as an admin if you have "Manage Orgs" access over that portal's Umbrella or Community.

  • Avatar
    Matthew P Tarantino

    Hey OrgSync,

    Love that the umbrella admin bar shows the umbrella profile picture and name in the admin bar, but is it possible to change "Community" to the community name "The University of Scranton" in the community admin bar as well?