Dev Update: Involvement Entry Improvements, Barcode Scanning & More

Hello Campus Partners!

We are happy to announce several new development updates. Please read the following article for a walkthrough of the changes. 

Umbrella administrator pending hours view

The first update is a new feature that provides a quick snapshot of pending timesheet entries to umbrella admins. Originally designed as a service management tool, our goal was to provide service managers with a way to monitor the responsiveness of their service partner admins. Upon completion of this update, we quickly realized this would benefit all umbrella admins, not just service.00.png

To access this tool, hover over ‘Requests’ on the umbrella toolbar and select ‘Involvement.’ Next, scroll down to the section labeled ‘Organization Pending Involvement’ (or ‘Service Partner Pending Involvement’ if you are in a service umbrella). This section displays portals with pending timesheet entries. It is sorted by the number of entries from highest to lowest and also provides the total number of hours associated with those pending entries. To review the pending hours for a particular portal, click ‘Review Hours’ on the right side of the page. This will direct you to the portal’s timesheets where you can decide each entry. 

This update creates a more efficient involvement entry process for both admins and basic users. Now, umbrella admins have a clear picture of the portals that are behind on approving involvement and users can expect a faster average response time.

Addition to service portal timesheets

Recently, we deployed an update for our campus partners using the service module that allows users to designate hours added through ‘My Involvement’ as service hours. This creates a distinction between event participation and service work, which will help in reporting and future development updates. We’ve now added a set of radio buttons to service portal timesheets that gives users this same functionality.2013-11-08_1240.pngService tag on the detailed involvement report

As mentioned in the last section, we are developing features to further delineate service participation from event participation. We’ve added a service column to the ‘Detailed Involvement Report’ that indicates if each entry is service-related or not. You can find this export on the ‘Reports’ page through the umbrella or community toolbar. Note: we suggest accessing this report from the community toolbar to ensure all potential entries are included.

Ability to add reviewers as portal admins in the org renewal process

Some campus partners have requested the ability to add reviewers as admins upon approval of an organization renewal request. This functionality has long been available on new registration submissions, but not for renewals. Today, we’re happy to announce this has been added to the renewal process as well.

This change is subtle but allows umbrella admins to more easily manage officer turnover. If you choose to approve a renewal request, a pop-up will display with the option to include each reviewer as a portal admin. Reviewers are only eligible if they are not already listed as an admin and their email is associated with an OrgSync account. If a reviewer does not meet these requirements, they will not be listed on the pop-up. 

Barcode Scanners with tracking participation

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that OrgSync is now compatible with barcode scanners for event participation tracking! If your campus utilizes barcodes for student identification, you can now use the same functions available to card swipe users. For more information about which barcode scanner to purchase, visit the following help desk article

If you have any questions about the changes discussed in this article, please contact your Campus Consultant or the OrgSync support team. 

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