Dev Update: Comparing Form Results to User Profile Data

As many of you know, earlier this year we opened a new department here at OrgSync for Research and Strategic Initiatives. In addition to helping campuses develop original research, collaborate on conference presentations, and run our own internal and external assessments, the department is focused on working with other teams at OrgSync to help provide assessment and research products and services to campus partners. In partnership with the OrgSync Development Team, we are excited to announce the newest addition to the Forms module: crosstab analysis with custom user profile information.

To utilize this new feature, you must be listed as a community administrator. If you do not have this level of access, you will need to ask an existing community administrator to request your promotion. This request should be directed towards your Campus Consultant or a member of our support team.

After being added as a community administrator, click on any form within your community to view the ‘Form Dashboard.’ Next, select the ‘Results’ tab to see a graphical view of all the responses to the multiple choice questions included in the form. For each question, you are provided a 'Compare' option that allows you to compare the responses of the selected question to another. With this update, you can now compare a question's responses to custom profile data. 


 What does this mean for you?

Now you are able to compare any question on a form to any question you ask on the custom user profile. For example, we have asked students at State University what they believe the biggest problems are facing the student body. I can now compare answers based on gender since we have asked that in our custom user profile. 

Why is this important?

Data-driven decisions are important. Whether you are assessing a program or conducting a campus climate survey, being able to break down your data by certain demographics is necessary. Sometimes you get all of the necessary information you want in the forms you create but, other times, there is more information you’d like – usually demographic information. Instead of asking for it again in your form so you can use the current crosstab functionality, you can now just access it directly from the custom user profile.

What does this change for your experience?

Absolutely nothing. The only change you will see is when you look at form submission results you we will see custom user profile information in the dropdown after clicking “Compare.” 

What are some things to consider?

One of the biggest things to consider is if you want to push more information to your custom user profile now that you can compare it against form data. For instance, many of our partners have chosen to update their custom user profiles with information from their Student Information System (SIS) like race/ethnicity, gender, home state, GPA, credit hours earned, major, and more. Not only do you ensure data accuracy by updating it with SIS information (through the API or through an import) but now it makes data analysis even easier.

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