Dev Update: Org Profile Updates & Renewals

Hello Campus Partners,

We are excited to announce some updates that will make it easier for org admins to view their profile, submit profile updates, and identify the status of their partial or pending submission! Keep reading for a full explanation of the changes. 

First, we created a page that allows portal admins to view their organization’s profile without having to click through each page. In order to make the update and renewal process more intuitive, we’ve included a separate button that allows admins to begin editing their profile when needed. Beforehand, there was no navigational difference between the two actions. 2013-10-29_1138.pngAfter starting a new submission, you will notice the option to ‘Save & Finish Later’ on every page after the basic profile. Choosing this option will take you back to the default profile page where you will be provided the ability to resume or cancel the submission in progress. Thanks to all of our campus partners that requested this feature!

In addition, we now provide more information regarding the state of an org’s profile. If an admin starts editing their org’s profile, the profile page will detail the submission’s current status, who made the last change, and when this change was made. This is also helpful for umbrella administrators that would like to check on the status of an org’s renewal progress.  2013-10-29_1139.pngPrior to this development update, if you needed to make any changes to your pending request, the data you entered was temporarily saved under your org’s profile tab. This was often troublesome because there was no distinction between the org’s profile and what was considered ‘pending’ information. As of today, the problem has been alleviated because the profile show page only details what was last approved. To make any changes to a pending submission, you must choose to ‘Re-Open and Edit the Pending Submission.’ This option will remove your pending request and place it back in an editable state. This is significant because it provides more clarity to the registration process. A registration request can only be in one state at a time: non-existent, in progress, or pending.  2013-10-29_1140.pngAfter a profile update is approved, the changes will replace the org’s previous profile information. If the org is also marked as renewed, the last renewal date and who performed the action will be listed in the top right of the profile page.

For any further questions on these updates, please contact our support team or your Campus Consultant.


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    Megan E Petter

    This is AMAZING!!!! Can this be mimicked for the Event Request Process. The Umbrella Admins have the ability to see the full event request all at once, it's be awesome if the students could see it as well!!!

    Thanks so much!

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    Travis S Lee

    Integrating this functionality with the event request process would be a significant undertaking but I can see the benefit. If you have an opportunity, I suggest adding this to the ideas board. Thanks!