Dev Update: Event Changes

Today, we wanted to provide a heads up on some updates coming to the 'Events' module on OrgSync. On Monday, August 5th, you will notice some changes to the event creation process, event request process, and the events/service lists. Here's what's coming up:

Event Creation

Currently, the event creation process is divided into four steps. When assessing this workflow, we learned that only a small percentage of our users utilize the pre- and post-event tools like forms or learning outcomes. As a result, these elements have been moved into their own section called "Advanced Features," and other elements have been moved into more logical sections.

You will still have the same options as before; nothing has been added or removed, but the new interface provides a more intuitive, and ultimately faster event creation process.

Event Requests

We’ve heard from campus partners with one umbrella that having both an umbrella and community calendar can be confusing because they aggregate nearly all the same events. We’ve also heard from campus partners with multiple umbrellas that the inability to post an item to their umbrella calendar without posting it to the community calendar is restrictive. To remedy both these cases and to provide more clarity to the calendar system, we’ve made several changes to the event request process.

To start, users can no longer request for their events be shared to the community calendar. Rather, they can only request for their events to be shared to the umbrella calendar. If they opt to do so, their request will filter into the event requests page as it did before. When reviewing the request, umbrella admins can choose to publish the event, then decide if it should be added to the umbrella calendar. Admins can then post the event to the community calendar if they wish.

There is no longer a required connection between the two calendars. You can post events to the umbrella calendar without posting them to the community calendar. This becomes especially useful for communities with multiple umbrellas. Now, each umbrella portal can display portal-created events on their calendar, but not push to the community calendar if the event is not relevant to the entire community.

Note: We've also fixed a loophole where events that were published only to a small group of users could be pushed to the community calendar. With this update, only events marked public or community-wide can be posted to the umbrella and community calendar. 

Events/Service Lists

In communities with a service umbrella, portal administrators are provided the option to share service opportunities in their respective portals. These opportunities can be located along a portal’s left-hand toolbar in the ‘Service’ module.

After speaking with our campus partners, we came to understand that there isn’t a large distinction for students between organization and service events. For this reason, we have decided to merge the ‘Service’ module into the ‘Events’ module. After we deploy next Monday, all events and opportunities will now be found under the same list. This move will eliminate the ‘Service’ module as a left-hand navigation option, though all service opportunities will still be accessible via the 'My Tools' dropdown along the personal navigation toolbar. 

Additionally, our UI team has redesigned the ‘Events’ list to highlight what’s happening each day. Currently, all events are listed chronologically and the date/time is listed in the left-hand column. With this new update, events will be separated by the day on which they occur. This new setup provides users a quick snapshot of the day’s happenings.

As mentioned at the start of the post, these updates will go live on Monday, August 5th. Before doing so, we will release another admin club post that will dive deeper into the changes. Additional help desk articles and a video walkthrough will be provided. For any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact our support team.

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