Dev Updates: Involvement

We are excited to announce some upcoming updates to involvement within the OrgSync app! Over the course of the next week, we will deploy two updates that will improve how users enter their involvement and how portal admins track that involvement. For a full explanation of these updates, see below.

Involvement Entries

The first update will change how users input involvement entries. Currently, users can request credit for their involvement if they hover over ‘My Tools’ along the top toolbar, select ‘Involvement,’ and then choose ‘Add Involvement Entry’ on the resulting page. Everything up to this point will be the same with the new update.

The real change is evident when users decide to add a new involvement entry. They will see a pop-up asking what type of entry they would like to add: event participation, organization membership, or service participation (for communities that utilize our service module).

The option to add service participation is new for our service module users and allows members to choose from the full list of service partners that exist within their community. When a service participation entry is submitted, the appropriate service portal admins will be notified and prompted to approve or deny the request.

The ability for students to request credit that ties directly to a service partner portal, rather than just typing in the name of a service partner, was widely requested by our service module users. This update will improve the integrity of service module data and improve reporting, by tying manually entered service hours to timesheets within service partner portals.

If a student needs to input participation for a service partner that does not exist within your OrgSync community, they will have the option to select ‘other’ from the dropdown. These requests will filter to the community involvement requests page, just like other entries that are not associated with an OrgSync portal. 


The second update improves how administrators can view involvement entries associated with their portal. Currently, the ‘Timesheets’ module only displays a list of the current members in a portal. It does not include the hours assigned to non-members or members that have left the organization. With the upcoming update, we are lifting this restriction.  Users with ‘manage’ access will now be able to view every hour of participation ever associated with their portal all in one place.

By default, only current members will be listed but you can change this view with the new filter shown in the screenshot above. The ‘Timesheet’ export will also include the complete record of hours associated with each portal. 

As mentioned at the start of this news post, these updates will be released over the course of the next week. Please visit the following help desk articles if you would like to read about these updates in further detail. For questions, please contact our support team or your Campus Consultant.

Help Desk: Adding Involvement & Timesheets Walkthrough

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