Welcome to the new help desk!

Over the last year we've heard feedback from a lot of our clients that they wanted more training materials and a public, interactive support community. We've long had the admin club in OrgSync which is a great tool for our campus admins, but we wanted to open this forum up to a much broader audience. That is why we have re-designed, re-envisioned, and relaunched help.orgsync.com.

This upgrade is a huge step forward for our training and user self-support system. Any user of OrgSync from users to administrators should be able to come here for a complete training on any aspect of the OrgSync system. They'll also be able to participate in discussions, ask questions and share best practices with the rest of the community. One of our favorite tools is the ideas board which is the new place to go and talk to us about what you want to see next in OrgSync. Submit feature requests or lend your votes to existing ones, participate in discussions about these features so that together we can partner to build the next killer OrgSync feature.

We'd love to hear what you think about the changes and what you see as the next step for training and support. Stay tuned because this is just the first step to a more robust, complete knowledge base!

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    Tharann Dk

    Awesome thing I had it hear

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    Brendan Sekelsky

    How do I reset my password if I forgot it