Manage Incoming Budget Requests

After you've established a budget process and your organizations have started submitted budget requests, you can manage these requests if you click on the Admin dropdown in the global navigation bar and select your umbrella from the list. Next, hover over Requests along the top menu and select Budgets. This defaults to show the most recent requests from the current budget period. If you have not yet established your budget process, click here for a walkthrough of this process. 2014-07-22_0912.pngTo view a different budget period, utilize the dropdown provided at the top of the page. You can also search the list by org name, budget name, or request name, or filter by type & status. By default, this list is sorted chronologically and not filtered by type. When requests are decided, they retain their position on the requests list. This is dissimilar from other types of requests, where decided items filter into a separate tab. The headers at the top of the page allow you to sort by budget name, organization, type, submission date, amount requested, or status. If there are any comments on a request, the number of comments will appear next to the budget name. Additionally, the number of reviewers that have decided the request will appear in the far right column. 2014-07-22_0913.pngTo view additional details or decide a particular submission, simply click on the request name. Each request will display its corresponding budget information at the top of the page. If the request was made through an organization's Revenue Funds, the details of the deposit or withdrawal request will replace the budget details. 2014-07-22_0914.pngIf the request involves a payment, all payment details and vendor information (if included) will appear below the basic budget details. If the organization was required to fill out a payment form, the option to view this form will appear in the top right above the 'Payments Details' section. Additionally, you are provided the option to mark a payment as complete. This is typically done after a check for the payment has been cut. By default, completed payments are no longer editable but this can be changed by contacting your OrgSync Campus Consultant.2014-07-22_0923.pngUnder the basic details you'll find the bulk of the request. If there is an attached form, a blue hyperlink will appear under the user-entered budget name. For each line item, you are provided a requested amount. In deciding each request, it’s your responsibility to determine the funding source (if your umbrella has more than one) and the approved amounts. Click Add Funding Source if you’d like to use more than one funding source for a specific line item.2014-07-22_0928.pngFor non-budget requests (i.e. payment requests), the remaining amount for each line item will show in an additional grey column. As you enter values and select funding sources, totals will be tallied below. You are also provided a breakdown of money assigned to each funding source. If any documents were uploaded, they will be made available near the bottom of the page. Umbrella administrators can upload documents here too. These files are accessible by both parties – organization and umbrella.

Next is the reviewers section. If the rules set for a specific user are met by the incoming request, the user is automatically added to this list. The decision and comments made by each user are included here. 2014-07-22_0941.pngBelow the reviewers list is your ability to decide the budget request. You can approve request, deny it, defer it, opt to save & finish later, or request more information from the user (AKA re-open). If you’d like to make comments that are viewable to the organization, make them in the comment section provided at the very bottom of the page. Whomever submitted the request will be notified of your decision and any comments that you make.

To view large-scale data concerning your budget process, switch to the Budget Reports tab found on the default budget requests page. Utilize the filters at the top of the page to generate aggregated graphs and tables. For a more detailed breakdown, utilize the budget exports found in the top right of the page.2014-07-22_0945.png

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