Request a Payment

To submit a payment request, hover over More along your portal's toolbar and select the Treasury option. Next, click Manage Budgets. Click here if you do not see this as an option. This will display your portal’s budget requests for the current budget period. Use the dropdown at the top of the list to view budget requests from an older period. 

Select the name of the budget where you want to make a payment request. This will display each of the major items included in your budget request. Click on the name of an item to request that a payment be made.

The resulting page displays each of the line items included on the major budget item. If your budget request has been approved, you can see the approved amount for each line item. Click the Request Payment button to begin requesting money.

Depending on your campus's budget settings, you may or may not see a set of instructions at the top of this page. These instructions would be written by your campus and they should be treated as the definitive set of guidelines to follow when filling out a payment request.

Next, begin your payment request. Enter a name and select a category. This may or may not require you to complete an additional set of questions. Next, decide the payment amount for each of your line items. You can also use revenue funds if this is a feature enabled in for your budget process. At the end of the payment, you're provided the option to upload supporting documentation. Click Submit to send the payment request to your campus administrators. You'll be notified when a decision is made. 

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