Service Partner Getting Started Guide

The Service Management System allows campuses and service partners to connect and centralize service opportunities for students. The following article acts as a startup guide for service organizations interested in joining a campus community.    


To begin, you must receive an email invitation from the campus you would like to partner with. If you have not received an invitation, contact the school’s service office for more information about service partner registration.

If you have already received this invitation, choose Accept and Join to begin the registration process. On the resulting page, enter your basic information, review our terms of agreement, and click Create Account. This will take you directly into the portal already established by your campus administrators.

Add Service Opportunities

Now that you can access your org’s portal, begin populating service opportunities through the Events tool. You can locate this module along your portal’s top toolbar.

You may notice this module already includes several opportunities. This is possible because the Events list displays opportunities created in your portal, as well as those created in the umbrella (an administrative portal run by campus staff).

To create a new service opportunity, locate this option in the top right of the page. The opportunity builder provides a number of customizable options – see below for an explanation of each.

Field Description/Purpose
Name Name of the opportunity.
Type When the opportunity will take place. You can choose to make the opportunity one-time, repeating, or on-going. Note: Choose Repeating if the opportunity will occur more than once, has specific start and end times, or requires a new set of RSVPs for each instance. Choose On-going if the opportunity occurs over the course of a semester/year and does not have specific start and end times. On-going events do not appear on OrgSync calendars.
Location/Address Where the opportunity will take place. Entering an address will automatically generate a Google Maps link.
Participants Decide if you would like to accept RSVPs and how many, if desired.
Visibility Decide if you would like to share your opportunity on the community’s service opportunity list. This list is the main hub for students to browse service opportunities. We recommend this setting to ensure your opportunity receives the most exposure.
Photo Upload a photo to help draw participants to your opportunity
Pre-registration form Require participants to complete a form when they RSVP. For more information about pre-registration forms, click here.
Post-opportunity form Require participants to complete additional information after the event has occurred. For more information about post-opportunity forms, click here.
Reflection Require participants to write a reflection to receive credit for attending.
Learning outcomes Require participants to identify learning outcomes to receive credit for participating.

Click Create Opportunity at the bottom of the page to post your opportunity. Your umbrella administrators may require that you complete an additional set of questions and/or receive their approval before the opportunity is published. Participants cannot RSVP until the opportunity is approved. 

Track Involvement

During the event (and after as well), you can assign participation to users that volunteered. Start by navigating to the Events tool in your portal and select your specific event. Next, select the Participation tab on the right side of the page.

Click Add Participants in the top right of the page to assign participation. Clicking this button will generate an account selector that allows you to search for users and choose the people that volunteered. By default, the account selector only displays members of your service portal. If you want to view users outside of your portal, use the radio buttons near the top of the page to filter for all users in the umbrella or all users across the community.SMS4.pngAfter you’ve selected the right participants, move below the account selector to determine the number of hours and status (i.e. attending, absent) you would like to assign. Click the green Save button to complete the process.


Your entries will then filter into the participation list at the bottom of the page. You can make changes to your entries directly from this list. To view all participation for your opportunity, locate the Export Participation option in the top right of the page.

It's also possible for volunteers to claim time they've spent with you and your organization. They can do this through the Involvement tool or through their personal involvement page. For every new entry, you will be notified via email and prompted to approve its validity. Click the email link to view the pending entry. To view all pending entries within your portal, hover over Events along your portal’s left-hand toolbar and select Involvement. Any users with pending entries will populate the top of the list. Click the Details button to the right of a user to view their entries and decide pending ones. 

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