Service Management for Students

Note: This article provides a walkthrough of the Service Management System for students. This is an add-on feature that your community may not utilize. To check if this feature exists within your community, check along the white toolbar at the top of the Community homepage and look for ‘Service Opportunities.’ If you see this option, use this article to learn how it works.

The Service Management System provides you a central location to find and RSVP for service opportunities. It also provides a bridge that allows you to connect with local service partners. The hours you receive in this system can be used on your co-curricular transcript. 

Browse service opportunities

All service opportunities created by service partners are posted on the Service Opportunities list. This is the central location for students to find and RSVP for service opportunities. You can find the link to the service opportunities list along the primary toolbar on your community homepage.SMS7.pngThis list is sorted by date but you can locate a specific opportunity with the search feature and other filters. Each opportunity displays when it is occurring, who is hosting it, and how many openings are left.

If you are the administrator of an organization, you are provided an additional function to endorse service opportunities on behalf of your organization. To do this, select the ‘Post’ option in the right hand column. On the resulting pop-up, choose the organization you would like to share the opportunity with. This will post the opportunity to your portal’s ‘Events’ list.  SMS8.pngIf you are interested in a particular opportunity, select it from the list to view more information. The resulting pop-up includes the ability to RSVP if spots are available. To view the full opportunity, click See full details in the bottom left of the pop-up. Here, you can navigate between the separate instances of the opportunity, locate the opportunity creator, and discuss the opportunity with other users.SMS9.pngTo RSVP for an opportunity, locate the Sign Up Now option. You will see Register if the opportunity has an attached registration form. In this case, you will need to complete a set of questions before your RSVP is processed. If you have any questions about the opportunity, contact the host organization or whoever created it. The user that created the opportunity is listed in the bottom right of the opportunity’s page.

Browse service partners

A directory of service partners registered at your school can be found on the Service Opportunities list. Locate this option on the community homepage then select the Service Partners tab. Use the search feature and category filter at the top of the page to locate a particular service partner. SMS10.png

Log service hours

After you’ve volunteered at a service event, there are two ways to receive credit for your participation. Note: Your campus may have a recommended process for logging service hours so it's best to consult with them before proceeding.

The first method used to log service hours is to have a service partner administrator log it for you.  Many service partners will track attendance at their events, taking the process out of your hands. This method is convenient because it requires no extra work and the assigned hours are instantly eligible to be used on your co-curricular transcript. It is best to ask the opportunity’s supervisor if they plan on logging hours at the event.

The next method used to log service hours is by manually entering them yourself. To begin, click on your name in the top right of the screen. This should display the user drawer. Next, choose Involvement then select Add Involvement Entry in the top right of the page. On the resulting pop-up, choose Service Participation.

Complete the form to log your service hours. Start by clicking the Service Partner dropdown and choose the organization you partnered with. If you do not see the organization as an option, choose Other at the bottom then write in the name of the organization.SMS12.pngAfter you have selected an organization, enter the name of the event, when it occurred, how many hours you spent, and any other information applicable to your service. Depending on your community’s settings, the reference name and email may be required. When all of your entries appear correct, click submit at the bottom of the page.

Your entry must be approved before it can be used on your co-curricular transcript. You will be notified when a decision is made but you can confirm the status of an involvement entry on your personal involvement list. To do this, click on your name in the top right of the screen then choose Involvement. A green checkmark indicates an approved entry, a grey circle indicates a pending entry, and a red exclamation point indicates a denied entry. 

If you selected an organization from the Service Partner dropdown, the administrators of that portal will be prompted to approve your involvement. If you selected Other from the dropdown, this decision will fall to your campus’s community administrators. It's also possible the reference included on your entry will be sent an email prompting them to approve your time but this depends on your community's settings. 

All service entries can be displayed on your co-curricular transcript. Click here for more information about customizing and requesting your CCT.

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