Files Walkthrough

Create a knowledge-base by storing all of your files in your portal. By keeping files in a central online location, you can ease officer turnover and prevent future organization members from duplicating work. Access this tool by selecting Files along your organization's toolbar. Click here if you do not see this option. 

Basic Navigation

The Files tool is constructed similar to a folder on your computer. You have a root directory with a set of files, folders, and sub-folders. Beyond this, there are a few key differences.

One difference is the ability to pin an item. Administrators can click on the pin icon to the left of each file or folder and it will move that item to the top of the page. Another difference is the black umbrella icon. If you see this, it means the file or folder is being shared down by the umbrella. At any point, you can use the search box to find a specific file or change the sort to find your most recently modified items.

Every folder lists the number of containing items and every file lists a download option with the file size (see screenshot). To view more details about a file, select it from the list. The resulting page will allow you to share the file, view past versions, and make comments.

Add Files & Folders

Administrators can add new files and folders. This option appears on the default Files list but also when viewing a folder’s contents, allowing you to place a new item directly into that folder. For each folder, decide a name and who it should be available to. For each file, select the file from your computer, and then choose a name, description, and whom it should be available to.

Another option for administrators is the ability to upload an updated version of a file. Navigate to the file and look for this option under the section labeled Versions. This feature allows you to replace the older file with a new one. The new file will become the default download, though older versions will remain accessible. Files2.pngIf you would like a direct download of the file, right click the Download File button and copy the link address. This will download the file to the computer of anyone that clicks on the link. 

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