Dues Walkthrough

The Dues tool keeps the balance that each portal member owes for membership. It is a more detailed method for managing dues than the Simple Dues module. To access the Dues tool, hover over More along your portal's toolbar and select Treasury. Next, choose to manage your dues. If you do not see this as an option, click here to find out why.


On the resulting page, your personal dues are listed first. If your portal has a payment gateway established, you will be provided the option to Pay Now after clicking the expand arrows next to your name.Dues3.png

As an administrator, everyone else’s dues are listed after. Users are sorted by last name. For each user, their total (Dues column) and current balance (Balance column) are listed. To view the invoices that contribute to a user’s total and current balance, click the expand button located to the left of each name. This will reveal all the invoices that were marked as dues for the selected user. Dues4.png

If a user makes a payment toward their dues, you can mark this under the Invoices for Dues tab found at the top of the page. Locate the invoice that corresponds to the dues the user would like to pay and click the Close button. On the resulting page, enter a note (if desired) and the amount paid. If the amount is paid in full, it will be marked as such under the user’s details.2013-07-12_1343.png

To issue a new invoice for dues, hover over Treasury along your portal’s left-hand toolbar and select Invoices. Next, click Create Invoice in the top right of the page. When issuing the invoice, make sure to mark the checkbox labeled This invoice is for Dues.2013-07-12_1353.png

At this time, the Dues tool cannot be reset. You must close each invoice to set balances back to zero.   

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