Checkbooks Walkthrough

The Checkbooks tool allows you to view a detailed record of your organization’s historical financial transactions and plan for future programs and opportunities. You can also customize the settings to let members view how their money is being allocated throughout the year. To access the Checkbooks tool, hover over More along your portal's toolbar and select Treasury. On the resulting page, click to manage checkbooks. If you do not see Treasury or Checkbooks as an option, click here to find figure out why.

When first accessing the Checkbooks tool you will be provided a list of your portal’s existing checkbooks. The current balance will be displayed clearly along the right-hand side. To view each entry within a checkbook, select it from the list. On the resulting page, the most recent entries appear at the top. Deposits are recorded in plain black text while withdrawals are recorded in red text wrapped in parenthesis.

There's no limit on the number of checkbooks you can make. As an administrator, you can create a new checkbook in the top right of the default Checkbooks page. Once in an existing checkbook, you are provided the option to create new entries, edit existing ones, or remove them entirely. As you make changes to entries, the balance will reflect appropriately. Note: be sure to place a negative sign in front of withdrawals. 

As a portal administrator, you may come across a checkbook that is un-editable. Umbrella administrators have the ability to create read-only checkbooks within your portal that only they can manage. As a portal admin, you can view these checkbooks and their associated entries but you cannot make any changes.

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