Invoices Walkthrough

Online invoices enable your organization to efficiently track all outstanding invoices without using paper. Through OrgSync, you can keep an accurate record of payments owed to your organization. Invoice examples include: dues, fines, rent, and more. To access the Invoices module, hover over More along your portal's toolbar and select Treasury. Next, click to manage invoices. Click here if you do not see Invoices as an option.

On the resulting page, you are first presented with your open invoices. If your portal has a payment gateway set up, you will be able to pay directly through this page. If not, you will need to work with a portal administrator to close your invoice. If you do not have any open invoices, you will be notified of such. To view your past invoices, click Show Closed in the top right of the page.


As a portal administrator, you’ll see all other open invoices listed next. For each entry, you’ll be provided specific information like who the invoice was issued to, who it was issued by, the starting amount, and remaining balance. To mark an invoice as paid, hover over the wrech icon on the right side of the page and choose Close. This will allow you to provide a note and the amount you received. If the full amount was paid, the invoice will close.


To issue a new invoice, locate this option in the top right of the page. Next, select the users you’d like to invoice and click Add. Remove a user from the list by clicking the X next to their name. Below your selected users, enter a date, description, and amount for the invoice. If this is a standard invoice, click Send to complete the ticket and notify the included users.


If you would like to run your organization’s dues process through OrgSync, click the checkbox labeled This Invoice is for Dues. This will redirect the invoice into the Dues tool.

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