Store Walkthrough

The store allows you to post items for sale, track orders by item and individual, and collect payments online, all in one location. To access the Store tool, select it along your portal’s top menu bar. Click here if you do not see Store as an option.Store3.pngOn the resulting page, you are provided a list of your portal’s existing sales. Each sale will be clearly marked as open or closed with a start and end date. To view the available items in a sale, click the name of the sale which is highlighted in blue.


Next to each item, you are provided a price with the option to add or remove the item from you cart. If the item is a t-shirt or an item that is size specific, you'll have the option to choose your size.Store1.png

When you’re ready to pay for your items, click Cart Checkout in the top right of the page. This will provide a breakdown of your selected purchases, including the total order amount. If the hosting portal has established a payment gateway, you can pay directly through this page. If not, you'll be provided the option to invoice yourself. If you select this option and confirm, an invoice will be sent to the Invoices module. This allows portal administrators to keep a record of your purchase.


As an administrator, locate the option to create a new sale in the top right of the default Store page. On the resulting page, input a name, description, and open/close date for your sale. After creating it, click the Items option and select New Sales Item. Next, enter the required fields and upload pictures of your item, if desired.

To pull a history of your sales-to-date, hover over the wrench icon on the right side of a sale and select Reports. This will provide two lists that breakdown your sales history by item and user. Click Export Report in the top right of the page to view this information in an excel spreadsheet.

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