Dues (Simple) Walkthrough

Simple Dues provide a simplified alternative to the standard Dues tool. There are no invoices, balances, or numbers involved. Think of it as a checklist. To access the Simple Dues tool, hover over More along your portal's toolbar and select Treasury. Next, click to manage Simple Dues. If you do not see this as an option, click here to learn why the tool is not visible. 

The resulting page will provide a list of every member in your portal. On the right, you are provided two options: Paid & Unpaid. If a member pays their dues, mark them as Paid. This will generate a green checkmark next to their name. If a user has not paid, mark them as Unpaid. This will generate a red X next to their name. To clear this list, click Reset Simple Dues in the top right of the page. Note: this information is not recoverable.

The Simple Dues tool is a separate entity from the other treasury tools. Nothing you do here will impact other OrgSync tools like Invoices or Advanced Dues

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