Contact Books Walkthrough

Contact Books allow you to store important contacts that can be accessed by future organization leaders. Members can also comment on each contact entry, giving notes about past experiences or comments about vendor materials and pricing. To access the Contact Books tool, select Messaging on your portal's toolbar. Next, choose to manage your contact books. If you do not see Contact Books as an option, click here to learn why.


When you first visit the Contact Books tool, you are provided a list of contact books created in the portal and also those shared down by the umbrella portal. Click on the name of a contact book to view its contacts. If you select a specific contact, you'll see a dropdown that is divided into four sections.

Section Purpose
Contact Information The entry’s name, affiliation (company, school, etc.), phone number, mailing address, website, and email address. You are also provided the option to edit or remove the entry within this section.
Description View a description of the selected entry.
Notes Make internal comments that are not visible to the contact.
Message Email the contact if an email is attached to the entry.


To create a new contact book, go back to the default page and locate this option in the top right. Next, enter a name, description, and who you would like to make the contact book available to. After creating a contact book, the next step is to add entries. This can be done one of two ways: individually or in mass. Both are described in detail below.

  • Manual Entry: To manually enter contacts, click Add an Entry in the top right of the page. Input a name and any other information you have about the particular contact.
  • Import: To add entries via an import file, click the Import button in the top right of the page. Click here for a complete walkthrough of the contact import process.
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