Email Lists Walkthrough

The Email Lists tool allows you to create LISTSERVs that can include members of your organization as well as people not registered on OrgSync. To access this tool, select the Messaging option on your portal's toolbar. Next, choose to manage your email lists. Click here if you do not see Email Lists as an option. 


The first thing you see when you access the Email Lists tool is a list of your existing email lists. This tool is unique is unique in the fact that there are two only permission settings associated with it: manage and disable. This means that if you can see the tool, you have full control over its features. It is also unique because the umbrella cannot share content down to organization portals. Rather, email lists are only available to users in the portal in which they exist.

To create a new list, locate this option in the top right of the page. Next, enter a name and description. After you create the list, click on the name of the list and it will bring you to the page that allows you to add users. This interface is split into two columns. The left side allows you to include groups or specific portal members. The right side allows you to pull in entries from your Contact Books tool. The only contact book entries that will appear are the ones with email addresses. Selecting a particular user/group will add them to the list below. These are the users that will receive your email. If a user is highlighted in blue, this means they are have already been added to the list. When you’re happy with the recipients you’ve chosen, click Submit at the bottom of the page.


To send an email to one of your email lists, choose the Send Message option on the right side of the default Email Lists page. Enter a subject and customize your message with the text editor provided. You can track the status of your message under the Sent Email List Messages tab.

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