News Walkthrough

The News module allows you to keep your portal members up-to-date on all of your latest news. With a format similar to a blog, members can view a quick summary of the most recent news or drill down to view the full contents of each post. To access the News module, select it from your portal’s main toolbar. If you do not see this module, read this article on how to enable it.
Screen_Shot_2014-07-22_at_10.21.47_AM.pngWhen you first visit the News tool, you'll see the most recent news posts created within your portal. Select a news post from the list to view the full story. On the resulting page, you’ll be provided the story in its entirety, as well as the option to comment and share the item.

On the right-hand side of the News tool are two widgets. The first displays all news posts created within the umbrella. Select a particular news post from this list to view its contents. Below that is the archived section, which is a month-by-month breakdown of your past news posts. This can be helpful if you want to look back and reflect on past updates.

To publish your own news post, locate the Create News Post option in the top right of the default News page. Next, enter the title and body of your post. You are provided a text editor that allows you to customize the post to your liking.


Below the editor you'll find additional settings. The first setting is the option to upload a header photo. This photo will appear at the top of your news post. The recommended size is 900 x 300 pixels.

Below the header photo are your visibility settings. Determine who can see your news post. The setting you choose here impacts the last setting on the page, the option to send your news post as an email. The users that can view your news post will receive an email copy if this checkbox is selected. If you're creating a news post in a standard organization portal then the news post will send to, at most, all members of your portal. If you're creating the news post in an umbrella then you can send the news post to, at most, all members of your umbrella.

Last but not least, you're provided a Preview option at the bottom of the page. Use this tool to ensure everything looks good before you go live. If everything checks out, select Post to save and submit.


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