Text Messaging Walkthrough

The Text Messaging tool allows you to reach your members on the go and provide instant notification for last-minute changes or event cancellations. Connect with your members wherever they are on their mobile phones. Access this tool by choosing the Messaging option along your portal's toolbar. Next, click into the Text Messaging tool. Click here if you do not see this as an option. Note: OrgSync does not currently support text messaging in umbrella portals.


On the resulting page, you are provided an interface that allows you to select whom you would like to send the message to. If you would like to include entire groups of people, select the Lists tab. The text message will send to all users under the Selected tab. After you’ve chosen the appropriate people, type in your message (must be less than 120 characters) and click Send.


There are a couple of things to consider when text messaging through OrgSync.

  • Some users have limited text messaging plans so do not abuse this feature.
  • Only the users that are eligible to receive text messages will appear on the people selector. You are considered eligible if you enter your phone number and mobile provider under your personal account settings.
  • Messages sent via the text-messaging module come from a randomly generated OrgSync number that users cannot respond to. For this reason, we recommend sending updates or announcements rather than conversation starters.
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