Messaging Walkthrough

Communicate with people across campus quickly and efficiently with OrgSync messages. Similar to a native email platform, our messaging system allows you to communicate directly with the people in your campus networks. All OrgSync messages also send an email copy, unless a user explicitly disables email forwarding in their personal notification settings. There are several methods for sending messages, all of which are described below.

The Messaging Tool

The first method for sending messages is through the Messaging tool within a portal. To access this tool, select the Messaging option along your portal's toolbar. Next, click into Member Messaging. Click here if you do not see this as an option.SendAMessage.png

On this page, select who you want to send a message to. Use the Lists tab to include enter groups of users. Your message will inevitably be sent to all users under the Selected tab, which will populate as you select users or user groups. Click Send at the bottom of the page to send your message.


The People tool

The second method for sending messages is through the People tool. Look for this tool along your portal's toolbar. Click here if you do not see it as an option.

Next, select a user and you will see a messaging button appear on the right side of the page. You can also message an entire group if you click All People in the top left of the page, select a group, then choose to send a message to the group. 


Your Personal Inbox

The third method for sending messages is through your personal inbox. Access your inbox by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen then click to view new message (in the top right of the user drawer). Next, select the Send a Message option in the top right of your screen. Use the dropdown above the recipient list to pull in users from the various organizations you're a part of.UserDrawerInbox.png

While the above methods will cover the bulk of your messaging, you will also discover the ability to message users within other modules (i.e. events, forms).

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