Polls or Forms for Elections

One of the most common questions we hear from administrators moving their election process to OrgSync is which tool to use: polls or forms? The answer is to use the tool that best fits your needs. See below for a breakdown of the similarities and differences between Polls and Forms.

Features shared by Polls & Forms

  • Both provide graphical results.
  • Both support the option to include pictures or videos.
  • Both can be shared externally via the Share button.

Features unique to Polls

  • Polls are always anonymous. This could be a good thing unless your community does not require users to log in using their campus credentials. In this case, users could cast multiple votes under different accounts and there would be no method for crosschecking voters.
  • Polls only allow one question per poll. If your ballot contains multiple positions, a new poll would have to be created for each position.
  • Poll results are not exportable.

Features unique to Forms

  • Forms track who voted unless anonymous submissions are enabled. Click here to learn how to enable anonymous submissions. This will allow users to submit their vote anonymously but it does not guarantee it. If the user is logged in when filling out the form, their name will appear on your submissions list. The downside to this method is that the form has to be public, meaning users outside of your community will be able to vote.
  • Forms allow multiple questions per poll.
  • Form submission data is exportable.
  • Crosstab allows you to compare the responses of one question to another. Click here to read more about this feature.
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