Import Contacts Into a Contact Book

If you have a list of contacts saved outside of OrgSync, import them into the Contact Books tool. To begin, select an existing contact book and choose the Import option on the right-hand toolbar. On the resulting pop-up, download the CSV template. You may need to right click and choose Save As if the document tries to open in your internet browser.

Next, open the template in Excel. Do not alter the headers on this document. A minor text change could cause the import to fail. We recommend manually entering your contacts or copy and paste them into this spreadsheet. See below for a list of the importable information.2013-06-25_1217.png

  • Affiliation
  • Name (required)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Website 
  • Description

After you've entered your contacts, re-save the file. Make sure to save it as a CSV or else the import will fail. Next, re-select the Import option within the contact book and select your import file. Enter your email address (to be notified when the import is complete) and click the checkbox to remove all existing entries in the contact book, if desired. Click Note: larger imports could take an extended period of time to process.

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