Adding images to news posts, messages, and other items

To insert images into any module that utilizes the rich text editor, follow the instructions provided below. A full explanation of each step is included below the numbered list.

  1. Upload the image to the Photos tool in a portal.
  2. Copy the photo's direct URL. This is not the page in your photo album where the photo is displayed. This is the direct link to the image.
  3. Paste the direct URL into the image pop-up on the editor.

Upload the image to the Photos tool

Photos must first be uploaded if you want to use them in the various tools across OrgSync that use a rich text editor. Choose the Photos tool from the portal toolbar and upload the photo here. You will have to create a new album if you don't have one already.


Copy the photo’s direct URL

After you've uploaded the photo, view the photo then click the View Full Size Photo option in the top right of the page. Copy this URL. Note: One of the most common mistakes in this process is not clicking View Full Size Photo. The link to the image within OrgSync will not work for embedding purposes. 


Paste the photo’s URL in the image pop-up on the text editor

After you've uploaded the photo and copied its direct URL, go back to the place where you're trying to embed the image. Click the image icon from the text editor's toolbar and copy the image URL in this pop-up. You can adjust the image’s width and height but we recommend resizing the image in photo editing software before you add it to OrgSync.2014-03-17_1540.png

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