Manage Your Notifications

Customize which notifications you receive and how you receive them. Click on your name in the top right of the screen then choose the Settings option (near the bottom of the list).

This page handles everything related to your notifications and it's divided into four sections based on the type of notification. Continue reading for an explanation of what these notification settings mean.

Section Description
General Determine if you want direct messages to forward to your email. This is not a master on/off switch for notifications - just messages. Also, determine if you'd like to be eligible to receive text messages.
Portals Determine if you would like to enable or disable all notifications from specific organizations.
Tools Determine which tools you would like to receive notifications for and how you want to receive those notifications. You can receive notifications through OrgSync, email, and text messaging. If you have any questions about when notifications are sent for a particular portal, hover over the question mark next to each tool.
Involvement Determine which notifications you'd like to receive for involvement-related items.
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