My Involvement Walkthrough

You can monitor your involvement by visiting your personal Involvement page. Access this page by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen then choose Involvement. This defaults to a complete list of the activities you've been a part of. This includes events on OrgSync as well as participation you've logged independently. Use the search and filter options at the top of the page to locate a specific involvement entry.

Basic navigation

This table displays several pieces of information for every entry, including the activity name, the host organization, and how many hours you were credited. You are also provided the status of each entry (if something is pending approval you cannot use it on your reports) and a wrench icon that allows you to edit some items on the entry like proof of participation, learning outcomes, and a reflection. Editing an item may send it back for approval.

Note: You may see a big orange banner above the activities list. This will only appear if you haven't filled out the post-event form for an event where you've been assigned participation. Click the Review Incomplete Activities option and select Fill Out next to an entry to complete your submission. After you submit, the entry can be used on your involvement reports.

The other half of of your involvement is Organization Memberships. Navigate to your memberships by selecting that tab along the lefthand toolbar. This list automatically includes all of your memberships, plus memberships you've added independently.

Hide & Display Entries

One of the most important tools within the Involvement section is your ability to determine which entries appear on your reports. On both your activity and membership lists, you have a column labeled Report. This column indicates if the entry will appear on your Full Involvement record, your Co-Curricular Record, both, or neither. 

The Full Involvement record is a complete list of your involvement that you can export at any time through the Reports tab along the lefthand toolbar. Go to this tab and click to export your Full Involvement as a PDF. This is a simple list of all your activities and memberships.

The Co-Curricular Record is different because it's treated as an official record of your involvement that has to be approved by your campus administrators. More than likely, your campus has customized the look of the Co-Curricular Transcript (the paper copy of your Co-Curricular Record) and they may print it on official school paper. 

For each entry, you can decide if it should appear on the Full Involvement Record and the Co-Curricular Record. Use the wrench icon on the right side of the page to change an entry's display settings. 

Download/Print Involvement Reports

When you're ready to preview or print a report, navigate to the Reports tab. You can export the Full Involvement record at anytime, by clicking the Download button, but the Co-Curricular Transcript requires approval. You will be notified via email when your request has been approved.

Add New Involvement Entries

Another important feature within your Involvement page is the ability to add new involvement entries. Many of the events you participate may be created in OrgSync where the administrator logs participation. This will automatically add it to your involvement history. If the event did not take place on OrgSync, you can log this participation by selecting the green Add Involvement Entry option in the top right of the activity & membership lists. Next, choose the type of involvement you're adding. See below for a description of each.

Involvement Type Description
Service Participation* This option will only appear if your campus has service management enabled in their community. Select this option if your involvement was service related. On the resulting page, choose the service partner from the dropdown. If you do not see the service partner on this list, choose Other at the bottom of the list then type in the name of the service partner. 
Event Participation This option appears in all communities and it's your method of logging participation in events (this includes service participation if your community does not have the service option). On the resulting page, select Other which will then prompt you to choose the Agency field. This is where you will choose the agency in which you want your event participation to be assigned to.
Organization Membership This option is to record different organization memberships that you've been a part of. Joining an organization on OrgSync automatically adds the membership to your history. This is for the cases when (1) the portal isn't registered on OrgSync or (2) you need to log a past membership and there's no reason for you to join the portal. On the resulting page, select the organization from the dropdown. If you do not see the service partner on the list choose Other at the bottom of the list then type in the name of the service partner.


For each type of involvement entry, fill in all of the required field and provide as much additional information (including proof of participation) as you can. After you submit, the involvement entry will most likely require approval from the appropriate parties. The status of the entry will display on your activity or membership list. When the entry is approved, you can use it on your involvement reports. 

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