ePortfolio Walkthrough

The ePortfolio is a personal website to organize, showcase, and reflect on academic course-work, co-curricular involvement, internships, and employment. It allows you to upload work samples, solicit professional recommendations, and link to social media profiles. Access your ePortfolio by clicking on your name in the top right of the screen then choose ePortfolio from the toolbar.


Establish your ePortfolio URL

If you are brand new to the ePortfolio, you'll be prompted to choose your ePortfolio URL. Enter some text that is easy to remember and represents you well (i.e. your first & last name). You may only use lowercase and you cannot use spaces. Select Reserve Name when you've decided on a URL. You may be asked to try again if the name has already been taken. You can always change this URL at a later date if needed.

After creating your ePortfolio, you'll be dropped into the settings. This page is divided into four sections.

Section Description
Portfolio Name The name of your ePortfolio that makes up part of the full ePortfolio URL.
Headline Tag Describe yourself in a quick sentence.
Privacy Determine what information and/or sections should be hidden from the public.
Other Contact Info Establish quick links to your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter) as well as your personal website or blog.


Customize your ePortfolio

Use the tabs on the lefthand toolbar to populate content in your ePortfolio.

Section Description
Biography Your personal information as well as recognition and interests.
Involvement The organizations you've been a part of and the role you've played in each of them. By default, this will include any organizations you were a part of when first initializing your ePortfolio.
Academics Your education history.
Employment Your work history.
Documents A place to showcase your work. Upload any documents that highlight your talents.
Recommendations Send, receive, and display recommendations from references.
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