Track Event Participation

OrgSync allows you to track hours and attendance for students at every event. The first step in this process is to create an event. After your event has been approved, select the Participation tab from the right-hand toolbar. 

The Participation page allows you to track participation hours at your event. The method for adding users can be done in several different ways, which are discussed in detail below. As users are assigned participation to the event, their name, status, and hours will appear on the list. At any time, you can go back to this page and edit the hours for any user.

Without Card Swipe

The first method to assign participation at an event is to select Add Participants in the top right of the page. This will display the people selector so you can choose which users should receive participation. Notice the radio buttons atop this list that allow you to pull from users in your portal, users in your umbrella (i.e. other student organizations), or users from your entire community (if your campus utilizes more than one umbrella). 

Choose the users who should receive participation. They will filter into the Selected tab when you click on their name. Next, set the number of hours for these users and also their status. Click Save to complete the process.

With Card Swipe

The other method for assigning participation is through the use of card swipe. This is an add-on feature that your campus may or may not utilize. Please contact your campus directly if you’re curious about using this feature.

If you do have card swipe and you have a reader or scanner, plug it into your computer via the USB port. You can double check its working by opening a text document then scan your card. If the reader automatically displays the card string on your text document then your card is ready to be used on OrgSync. 

Next, click Turn on Card Swipe in the top right of the Participation page. Determine if you are only tracking attendance or if you would like to track in and out times. When you click Save Card Swipe Settings, you’re 100% ready to go. Begin swiping. 

Users will automatically be added to the participation list if the card ID matches up with an OrgSync account. They will be assigned Attended status and the number of hours will match the length of the event.

If the card ID does not match an OrgSync account, a pop-up will appear that allows you to search for the user. If you find the user, select their name and it will associate their card with their account. If you cannot locate their account, skip the search and opt to enter the user’s email address. This will send the user an email notifying them of the participation and it will ask them to create an account. If the user uses this link to create an account, the card ID will associate with the new user.

If you do not have an internet connection at your event, you can upload card swipes later in CSV format. You can do this if you open an Excel document and begin swiping directly into the document. This file should be one column that only contains card strings. The export will fail if you upload user identification numbers. When you’ve swiped everyone into the event, save the file as a CSV (this should be an option on the save as dropdown in Excel). Next, select the Upload Data option on the righthand toolbar of the Participation page. Select the file from your computer and click Open. If the file worked, you should see a green “success” banner appear at the top of the page. You will receive an email with any card IDs that could not be found in the system. If you have any issues with this process, please see the card swipe upload troubleshooting article.

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