Create an Event

To create a new event, choose the Events tool on your organization's toolbar. Next, select Create an Event in the top right of the page. If you do not see this button then you do not have admin access for the Events module. In this case you will need to contact an existing admin or your campus admins in order to request a promotion. 

Creating an event is an easy process. There are four required fields for every event: name, category, start date, and end date. The other settings are optional but provide a significant amount of customization. Each of the sections on the event creation form are described in detail below.


These are the most basic details of your event. What's the name of the event? What category does it fall under? You can also enter a description to provide users more information like what to expect at the event, dress code, etc.

When and Where

When is the event happening? Set the start date and time and determine if its repeating. If your campus uses a room reservation integration then you'll see the additional option to select a room. If you enter an address, OrgSync will automatically generate a Google Maps link that shows people how to get to the event. 

Event Image

Upload an image for your event! This will display on event list and will make your event more appealing to interested users. 


Determine if you want to take RSVPs for the event. You can allow for unlimited RSVPs, a defined number, or none at all. You can also determine who can see the RSVPs.

Who Can See This?

Determine who should see the event. If you don't have any restrictions, choose the public option. If you only want org members to attend, choose the option that lists the name of your org. If you want to get really exclusive, choose selected groups and click the checkboxes to determine exactly who should attend.

Calendar Sharing

You can request that your event be shared to the campus wide calendar. If you choose this option, you'll likely have to wait for approval by your campus administrators. They have the option to share the event on their umbrella calendar, as well as the community wide calendar (accessible through the community home). 

Advanced Options: Assessment and Forms

This section allows you to setup pre and post-event items that require the user to take action. See the table below for the advanced options and what each allows you to do.

Feature Description
Pre-Registration Form Require users to complete a form before their RSVP goes through. The form you intend on using must exist in the forms section of your Events tool. To navigate to this list, select Events along your portal’s toolbar and select Event Forms from the right-hand navigation. This is separate from the Forms tool.
Post-Event Form Require users to complete a post-event assessment before their participation can be used on involvement records. The form you select is sent to users the moment you assign them participation to the event. The forms you can choose from are also found in the Event Forms section (described in the cell above).
Reflection Require users to complete a reflection before their participation can be used on involvement records. The reflection piece is an open-ended text entry that allows users to record their takeaway from the event. This is sent to users as soon as they are assigned participation to the event.
Learning Outcomes Require users to select learning outcomes before their participation can be used on involvement records. The learning outcomes provided to the user are determined in your community’s involvement settings. This is sent to users as soon as they are assigned participation to the event.


When you're ready to submit your event, click the Create button at the bottom of the page. As noted earlier in this article, you may be prompted to fill out an additional form to complete the request. The event may also require approval by your campus administrators.

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