Events Walkthrough

The Events tool allows you to manage your organization's events from one central location. Read this article if you do not see Events along your portal's top toolbar. 

Basic Navigation

For all users, the Events list displays the upcoming events in your portal. This includes events posted by the umbrella and shared to your organization (and vice versa if you are viewing the umbrella portal's Events list). Those events will be identified by an umbrella icon on the left side of the page. The hand icon denotes a service event that has been shared to the portal.

The calendar tool is now within the Events module. If you would like to view any upcoming events within your portal, its as easy as one click of a button! By selecting Events it will automatically bring you to the list of the upcoming list of events within your portal. If you would like to view these events in a calendar view, simply click the calendar button on the right to toggle between the two views.

Administrators have an additional set of tools that allow you to work with events. This includes the ability to create events, create event categories, and run reports. Continue reading for an explanation of these additional tools.

Tool Description
Create Event Look for the Create Event option in the top right of the page. You will only see this option if you have manage access over the Events tool. Click here for a more in-depth walkthrough of the event creation process.
Categories Categories allow you to classify events. Create new categories by selecting the Categories dropdown above the events list then choose Manage Categories. This pop-up allows you to edit existing categories and create new ones.
Attendance The attendance grid provides a graphical view of all attendance for the events created in your portal. For each user, you can view the total number of events they attended or missed. You can also view this on an event-by-event basis.
Event Forms This section allows to customize forms that can be attached to events. Click on an existing form to make changes, view its submissions, and export the data. To create a new form, locate this option in the top right of the page. You are also provided the option to clone a form, which allows you to pull an existing form from the Forms tool into the Events tool. Note: only the forms that exist under this tab can be attached to events. Click here to learn how to attach an event form to an event or click here to learn more about form creation. 
Export Select the Exports tab to view available event reports. Your report options include event hours (hours based on users, events, & categories), attendance (participation statuses based on users & events), RSVPs (for each event), and service hours (number of hours classified as service for each member of your portal if service is enabled in your community). 


Click on the name of an event to view its full details. Everything from the time of the event to RSVP options to the location will display on this page. Additionally, you can share the event outside of OrgSync with tools found under the Share This! widget. 


Let's say you've already created an event and now you want to send invitations. You can do this if you go to the event and locate the Invite option in the top right of the page. Only members of your portal can be invited to your event with this tool. If you want to invite people that are not members of your portal, locate the Share This! widget on the right side of the page. You can share the event to Facebook, Twitter, or just send people a direct link to the event. 


You can send messages to users who are attending your event if you go to your specific event and select the Message tab on the grey toolbar on the right side of the page. You can send a message to all users based on their RSVP status or if they attended the event or not. Simply add a subject, write your message, and submit. One example where the messaging tool comes in handy is if you have last minute location change or if you simply want to provide information to all attending users for the event.


You can assign participation for your event if you select the Participation tab from the grey toolbar on the right side of the page. This page displays a list of the users that have been assigned credit for your event. Click Add Participants in the top right to add more participation. This will display the people selector which allows you to identify users then assign them participation. Click on a user's name to select them. Use the radio buttons if you want to search all users in your umbrella or community, not just your portal. After you've selected the appropriate people, enter their hours, status, and save the changes. 

You can expedite the process of assigning participation if your campus uses card swipe. If you see the Turn on Card Swipe option in the top right of the page and you already have a card reader, simply click this button and begin swiping cards. Users will automatically be given assigned participation so you can swiftly track participation.

Click here for a more in-depth look at tracking participation in OrgSync.



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