To-Do Lists Walkthrough

Create online to-do lists to help prepare for upcoming events and activities. Keep your group organized by knowing who is responsible for each task. Access To-Do Lists by choosing this option along your organization’s toolbar. Click here if you do not see To-Dos as an option.

The first thing you will see are the existing to-do lists in your portal. Each to-do list has a progress bar that allows you to quickly gauge progress. Umbrella-shared to-do lists are listed on the right side of this page (if any exist).


How you interact with to-dos largely depends on your permission level. If you’re a basic user with view-only access, you can see the to-do lists and the tasks associated with each list. By default, you're only shown incomplete tasks when you select a list. Locate the View All Completed Tasks option below the table if you need to go back and reference completed tasks. 

Each task will display a due date, assignees, and priority level. Click on a task to make comments or claim it. Claiming a task will add it to your personal to-do lists page and provide you the ability to mark the task as complete. To mark a task as complete, click the checkbox next to the task on the left side of the page.

Administrators have an additional set of tools with to-dos. On the default To-Dos page, locate the option to create a new list in the top right. Enter a name for the list, determine its visibility settings, and submit. Next, begin adding tasks. You’ll be prompted to enter a title, due date, priority level, and assignees for each task. Users are notified when they are assigned to a task.

Other administrative tools include the ability to duplicate and re-order to-do lists. To duplicate a to-do list, click on a to-do list then locate the Duplicate option in the top right of the page. To re-order to-do lists, go back to the default To-Dos page and locate the Re-Order Lists option in the top right. Click and drag where you want each list to display.

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