Send Event Invitations

Send invitations to your event with the Invite option in the top right of an event's show page. You can send an invitation to any member of your portal. Include entire groups of people by utilizing the Lists tab. After you've selected the right people, type in a message and click Send Invite. Your recipients can access this invitation through their OrgSync inbox and they will also be notified via email.

You can view and re-send existing invitations through the RSVP pop-up. Click See all RSVPs then choose the Not Responded tab. All pending invitations are listed here. Invitations can only be sent to the same user once every three days. If it has been more than three days, you'll see a Resend option next to the invitation.

You can share an event outside of OrgSync using the tools found in the Share This! widget. Share the event to Facebook, Twitter, or simply pass along a link.

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