Attach an Event Form

A form must exist within the Events tool if you want to attach it to an event. These special forms can be found by navigating to the Events tool then look for Event Forms on the right side of the page. 


In the top right of the page, you're provided two administrative options. The first is the ability to create a new event form. The form creation process is very similar to standard forms so read this article for a complete walkthrough. The other option on this page is Clone Form which allows you to copy a form from the standard Forms tool into the Event Forms section. 

Select an event form to view the Forms Dashboard and all of its incoming submissions. The interface and navigation are similar to that of the standard Forms tool. One major difference with event forms is that their exports include corresponding event information for each submission. 


After you've created an event form you can then attach it to an event. Go to the Events tool, select Create Event in the top right, enter basic details like title and date, select the Advanced Options dropdown at the bottom of the form, then click the checkbox for a pre or post-event form. When you click the checkbox you can then choose the form you'd like to attach to the event. 

Pre-registration forms are commonly used to gather food preferences, waivers, or other information. Each user will be required to complete your form before their RSVP goes through. Post-event forms are commonly used to gather feedback on events. As soon as you assign participation to users for coming, they'll be prompted (via email) to complete your attached form. Users can also find the post-event form by going back to your event (a big, green button will appear if they've been assigned participation) or through their personal Involvement page (an orange banner will appear at the top of this page notifying them of an incomplete activity). Users cannot display the involvement entry until they complete the post-event form.

As users complete these forms, you can access the submissions by going to the Events tool, select Event Forms from the righthand toolbar, then select the form on this list. Use the Export tool to view all of your submissions in one excel spreadsheet or as individual PDF documents.

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